Home Ownership Maintenance Tips

Dated: 02/01/2020

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When you buy a home you realize its probably the biggest investment you will ever make in your lifetime. Whether its a first home, second home or investment property, they all require a certain amount of monthly maintenance, seasonal maintenance and annual maintenance. 

Monthly maintenance should include:

  • Checking fire extinguishers.

  • Test all smoke and CO detectors.

  • Test all GFCI outlets

  • Replace air filters.

  • Check plumbing

  • Check grout and caulking around bathroom tubs and fixtures.

  • Secure toilets and check flush mechanisms.

Spring and Fall maintenance should include:

  • Inspect roof, chimney, flashings.

  • Check attic for leaks.

  • Clean gutters.

  • Check for insects.

  • Check exterior walls, foundation, decks and walkways.

  • Check landscaping structures.

  • Paint and repair home siding, eaves

  • Check and caulk doors and windows.

  • Check garage doors.

  • Check all appliances.

Annual maintenance should include:

  • Inspect hot water heater.

  • Check HVAC.

  • Check Chimney.

  • Check rain caps for leaks.

  • Check for leaks from appliance hoses.

  • Check clothes dryer exhaust duct and vent.

  • Make sure your house is visible from the street for 911 personnel.

  • Make sure your house number is visible.

  • Test your backup generator and your hurricane preparedness plans and supplies.

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